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It's Launch Day for aboutLEADING

I know, it’s just another blog and just another blip in the menagerie called the internet. But hey, it’s my blip and today this blip launches publicly as my offering to a world of men and women like you—people who are learning more everyday about how to be the leaders our world needs.

It all started with one of those rare conversations that I will never forget. This one took place over a BBQ chicken salad at California Pizza Kitchen in Pasadena sitting across the table from Bobby Clinton 17-18 years ago. Over the years, I’d gotten to know Bobby in a personal way through his relationship with the mission organization I serve. On this rather ordinary day, he’d invited me to come up and sit in on one of his classes before doing lunch together. (Bobby was a professor at Fuller Seminary and is know worldwide for his book, The Making of a Leader.)

Right there, mid-chew, Bobby asked me a question that ultimately lead to this blog and the resources, podcasts, and videos you will eventually find here.

He asked, “Gary, it is obvious to me that you are always making observations, connecting dots, and capturing insights that might be helpful to others. What are you doing to keep track of those insights and lessons?”

I mumbled some sequence of worthless noises trying to sound intelligent. “Yes, I do see insight all the time. I figured most don’t have lasting value. If they are significant I’ll remember them.”

“Ha. That’s where you are wrong.” he replied with an understanding grin. “Unless you develop a system for writing them down, you will forget the breakthrough lessons as well as the riff riff. You’ve probably already forgotten more than you have yet to learn.”

I was busted! He was right and I knew it. I didn’t need convincing, I just needed a plan. So, that very day, I stopped at Barnes and Nobles on my way home to purchase what became my “Leadership Lessons Journal.”

I filled that first journal completely, bought a second one, and then went on to adapt a different recording strategy. Over the years, I have logged hundreds of lessons and insights from on my interactions with leaders and personal experience in the trenches. Those lessons built the greenhouse out of which aboutLEADING emerges.

So, today June 1, 2020, I open the doors and invite you to come in, roam around, and take anything that might serve you. Bookmark the page. Subscribe. Come back often.

I will post something new everyday for the next two weeks.

And, if you subscribe during these next two weeks, I will send you a free copy of the tool I have assembled, “Gameplan for an Intentional Life.”

Welcome to the adventure.


P.S. Before too long I will share my process for capturing those lessons Bobby challenged me to write down that day.


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