I'm often available for speaking, training, and consulting engagements. To book me, simply email me with your initial ideas or questions and give me you best contact info. I will respond to set up a time for us to discuss options. While not limited to these topics below, the following is a sampling of what I can offer.  


  • Hope on Trial

  • Reclaiming our Birthright: joining the family business

  • The Inseparable Twins of Joy and Lament

  • Audacious Prayer

  • The Power of a Both/And Life: mission and intimacy

  • Learning to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd

  • The Revolutionary Way of Sabbath

WORKSHOPS   (typically delivered in a 2-4 hr session)

  • Leading Change w/o Blowing up Your Church

  • 4 Postures of Spiritual Authority

  • Spiritual Parenting: Raising Up the Next Generation

  • The Tent of Meeting: Learning to hear God’s voice

  • The Law of Triangles: Building a Non-Toxic Organization

  • DNA of A Revolution: rediscovering the church we long for.


  • ALTITUDE: helping ministry leaders get perspective

  • Finishing Well: building rhythms of sustainability

  • Focused Living: discover your calling, live your destiny  


  • Visioneering and Strategic Planning

  • Mobilizing Your Congregation into Mission

  • Leadership multiplication

  • Leadership Coaching