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A Leader's Prayer for Wisdom

Every day. Every decision. Every dilemma. You need wisdom and according to James 1.5, the author of life offers to give it.


Here's is a prayer you can download and use as you seek his perspective for the wisdom you need.

4 Postures of
Spiritual Authority

The secret of transformational impact

In a world saturated by overly managed messaging and manipulative advertising, we need leaders with gravitas, with real depth. 

Spiritual Authority is true gravitas and more. This article discusses four postures that make spiritual authority possible. 


Nobody argues, a good mentor is a great gift but often hard to find. Did you know that men and women in the Bible can become powerful personal mentors--as real as someone you'd drink coffee with? 


This resource offers a five step process to help you build mentoring depth with leaders from Bible. 

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