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Just Courage

Here is one choice our heavenly Father wants us to understand as Christians. Do we want to be brave or safe? (p.113)

The daily protests, the prayer marches through our cities, the groups kneeled in silence for the same 8 minutes George Floyd couldn't breathe, together sound not just a wake up call, but a massive invitation. It is time for all of us to consider our response to the cries for an end to systemic injustice in our culture.

To that end, I want to re-introduce one of the most important books I have ever read. Just Courage, by Gary Haugen, founder and president of the International Justice Mission.

It is a quick read, but one that will ignite deep conversations in you and in the evangelical church. Haugen makes a powerful case for God’s call on his people to engage in the work of justice. Justice not only brings a redemptive impact to people injured by injustice, it is liberating for those engaged in bringing justice as well.

“God specifically uses the work of justice as the pathway for liberating us from the Christian cul-de-sac of triviality and small fears.” (p. 39)

Haugen’s book fits on a larger page that God has been writing in my life. It is a call to the whole Body of Christ to move outside the walls of ecclesiastical safety and into the lives of people touched by the brokenness of our world. It is a call to follow Jesus into the broken places of the world that he cared about. It is an invitation to help the world see the heart of God in action.

Just Courage was my personal book of the year when it was published in 2008. I'm going to re-read it this weekend. I would love to have you join me.

“The idea that there is nothing beyond our personal spiritual development isn’t meant to be satisfying—for our rescue is not the ultimate destination; it is the indispensable means by which God works out his plan to rescue the world.”  (p. 29)

I could go on, but I don't think you need a book review, you need to read the book. Get a copy, read it, and add your thoughts through the comment feature below. Let’s have a dialog. 

{FYI: Click the image of the book for direct link to order on Amazon.}


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