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"Once you become grateful for a problem,
it loses the power to drag you down."

Sarah Young, Jesus Calling. (Dec. 18th entry)

Most of us have sampled some form of the "happy talk" version of gratitude or thanksgiving exercise. Typically, it means reciting a list of surface level topics for which we are thankful. Sure, it seems like a good idea, but usually it doesn't get to the level of deep significance.

The Gratitude Challenge is an invitation to go into deeper, possibly uncharted layers of gratitude. 

It might be appropriately called learning to practice deeply reflective gratitude. It's the kind of practice that can awaken your soul to the substance joy that surrounds you.

John Milton said it this way. "Gratitude changes your outlook on life. The practice of reflective gratitude unleashes joy. It can transform your life. Gratitude changes the way we experience the world."

There are a handful of men and women across the country who have started this experiment, and I dare you to join them. 

Talking about the value of gratitude as a discipline is nothing like the power of doing something about it.


Here's one thing I learned. By making it a daily practice, something that in the back of my mind I know I have to do every single day, I find I am constantly thinking about what I will write down today or tomorrow. The daily-ness of the challenge creates a near constant awareness of reasons I have to be grateful. And, the three level deep reflection process gets me way beyond the surface into thoughts about how these things bring joy to my life.

So, Take the Dare.​ 

Download the guide and get started. 

You begin with a simple seven-day commitment.

For more thought, see my blog post that introduced the challenge.

Then return here to share your story. Email me, or use the comment feature. Encourage others with your experience. 


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